VR - program

RUSSIAN VR SEASONS  – initiative for the promotion and demonstration of Russian projects in virtual reality in the international market.

Site set up in 2017. It brings together filmmakers, artists, producers and other representatives of creative professions that create and promote projects in the format of virtual reality. "Russian VR Seasons" is an independent Association, collaborates with educational venues and international film festivals. The program includes films studios and independent filmmakers. In the 2017-18 year, the program was shown at several major film festivals, including the film market of the Cannes film festival, Moscow international film festival, the film market of the Berlin film festival, and screenings in the framework of the Russian Film Week in London, festival of Russian cinema in Warsaw, etc.

In the framework of the First international festival of "Feeling" in Chelyabinsk the audience will be presented 18 paintings by Russian and Belarusian production of all genres – animation, documentaries and feature films.

Impressions will be made on the flagship Samsung Galaxy phones and glasses Samsung Gear VR, using the system of synchronous start VRCM Russian Studio Great Gonzo.

In addition, in the last day, September 11, with the support of Samsung Electronics will demonstrate the Russian version of the VR drama series "the Unseen" directed by Doug Lyman is the author of such feature hits as "the Bourne Identity", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "edge of tomorrow".



"Invisible" is a Saga about a family of Ashland, created specifically for viewing in virtual reality. Its world premiere took place in October 2016. The film was produced by Studio Agalimani "30 Ninjas", which specializes in creating interactive, multi-platform and VR content. The first season consists of six episodes, which tells about the secretive, but very influential New York family, Ashland. The action Thriller takes place in the United States these days. In the story the main heroine Tatiana receives from his grandfather a huge inheritance and a video in which he tells the granddaughter that his death most likely involved his own brother Gordon. Then she has to throw charity work in Haiti and to go to New York to deal with grandpa's brother and newly acquired businesses, and engaged in the search for sister Susan, whose existence, she also learns from the message of his grandfather. The main intrigue of the series is that some family members Ashland know how to become invisible. Others, in the face of uncle Gordon, are actively trying to fix it.