WHAT IS IT? Premonition is the Cinema of the future, experiments with format and technologies. Cinema reacts sensitively to all the changes taking place in society. Each new generation of directors responds to important events those that are happening and those that are about to happen. These reflections form the basis of the content and influence the form of the new cinema.

GENERAL IDEA Films of the Premonition Film Festival are the cinema of the future, reflections of cinematographers on what our world can become, research of the matrix of probability of the origin of events, experiments with formats and technologies.

WHERE? III International Film Festival Premonition will be held in Chelyabinsk from 18th to 25th of September, 2020. The focus of Premonition is the use of new technologies in film production.

WHO? The festival invites authors who explore and actively use new, high-tech means of artistic expression in films, and experiment with the language of cinema.


  1. Identification of key trends in the development of cinematography and film language.
  2. Research of high-tech means of artistic expressio.
  3. Providing an international platform for young directors to express their ideas and share experience.
  4. Promotion of young Russian cinema and creation of a new unique film language, including one based on the use of high technologies.
  5. Promotion of the development of film production technologies, as well as the professional development of specialists in computer graphics and new technologies in cinema.
  6. Creating an event that will set a vector for the development of the cultural agenda of the region in the future and will become the hallmark of the city.


  • Chelyabinsk City Administration
  • The Department of Culture of the Chelyabinsk City Administration
  • Festival organizers:
    • Municipal Autonomous institution Chelyabinsk Centre of Arts Teatr+Kino
    • Municipal budget cultural institution Znamya Cinema
    • Municipal budget cultural institution Center for cultural and information activities