Director Svetlana Muzychenko: "Cinema is a passion"

On Thursday, September 24, as part of the Premonition Film Festival, a Director, Associate Professor of VGIK Svetlana Muzychenko held a master class in Chelyabinsk.  She met with students of the South Ural State Institute of Arts named after P. I. Tchaikovsky (its department is located on Gor'kogo street). The topic of the meeting was "How to enter VGIK". 

"When entering VGIK, you need to ask yourself: "Can I do something different from a sphere of cinema?" And if you have other interests, you don't need to apply. Because your life will change, you will belong only to this profession. You will not have standard vacations, you will exist in the schedule of your ideas and dreams. You must have passion for cinema," Svetlana Muzychenko said. 

The Director told how to enter VGIK. At the preliminary, correspondence stage of the competition, you need to write an essay about a life-changing event from your life.

"You need to write about the first movie that you want to make. It should be a turning point in your life. Starting from spring, VGIK receives folders by mail, and by the beginning of the first correspondence tour a lot of such folders are collected, entire rooms are filled with them. We read them carefully. Believe me, every master in VGIK is looking for a future talented director. We accept only 7-12 scholarship student. Firstly, we need to find them, we need to feel we choose right. Sergey Miroshnichenko and I read all these folders and choose about 100 people. They go through three rounds: an interview, writing a script and one more interview. Thus, in the third round there are only 20 people left," the Director said.

As Svetlana Muzychenko tells, during first six months of studying students are given an assignment to make movies without using words. Cinema is the youngest kid of art, but even in such a short period of time a beautiful film language has been created, and in VGIK they teach to speak this language. The director answered students' questions and showed them examples of films that VGIK students make in their first year. We recall that the closing ceremony of Premonition will be held on September 25. The winners of the film festival will be announced there. 
Svetlana Leonidovna Muzychenko is a chairman of the jury of the Premonition Film Festival this year and a director of documentary and feature films, an assistant professor of VGIK. She was born in Khabarovsk, graduated from the Novosibirsk Theater School and from VGIK. Svetlana Leonidovna is a member of the Cinematographers' Union since 1999. In 2003 she became a teacher of VGIK, (the studio of documentary film of S.V. Miroshnichenko, S. L. Muzychenko), an associate Professor of non-fiction film division at VGIK. Her filmography includes such films as Spirit in Motion, The New Year's Wife, A Woman Wants to Know, The Best Summer of Our Lives, Love Never Comes Alone, Vera Glagoleva. Unbroken Light, Life is Amazing, and others. Svetlana Leonidovna is a articipant and prize-winner of many international festivals.

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