Katerina Shpitsa: "It's up to us who invite into our lives"

A meeting with the actress and presenter Katerina Shpitsa took place within the framework of the Premonition Film Festival on Monday, September 21, in Chelyabinsk. The star of the films Iron Ivan, Yolki 1914, Yolki 5, Crimean Bridge: Made with Love! met with South Ural State University students. The actress answered questions from the audience and told how she got into the cinema. 

In the 10th grade,Katerina won a beauty contest and soon after got into a modeling agency. She has been interested in dancing since childhood, and later she got in a theatre studio. The guest admitted that she does not have a degree in theatre and told the audience about how she moved from Perm to Moscow, where, with the help of new friends, she reached out to literature and interesting movies. 

"There is purity and unselfishness in life. Not everything in life is focused on the material and carnal things. To some extent, I was lucky, this is both my merit and the merit of my parents. I was very lucky with the people I met along the way. Many of them helped me without any selfish thoughts. The person for himself is the one with whom a lifelong relationship develops. It's up to us to decide who to invite into our lives. Love yourself, do what you like, then everything else will follow," – said Katerina Shpitsa. 

The actress told how she passed the exams in Perm, where she studied law, and went to Moscow to work on shooting. There she met a film agent, with whom she has been working since 2005. 

The actress shared her thoughts: "I am happy with the way things turn out in my life. However, now, on the threshold of my 35th anniversary, the choice of roles is decreasing, and this is a natural thing. So I decided to prepare the ground for the future. Maybe I will become a screenwriter or a teacher, or maybe I will finally get a degree in theatre arts. I really like working with children and young people." 

Katerina Shpitsa gave a pep talk to the students. "Our life is impossible without other people, and even if a person seems strange to you, try to see something good in him," the guest concluded.

We remind that the Premonition Film Festival will last in Chelyabinsk until September 25. Residents of the South Ural capital and guests of the city can watch new films for free in cinemas and on the festival's website and attend creative meetings and master classes. 

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