Pitching of debutants was held in Chelyabinsk

As part of the III Premonition International Film Festival, the Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants took place on Friday, September 18. The event was held online.
Pitching is a verbal or visual presentation of a film project in order to attract investors. The purpose of the event is to create an independent platform for cooperation of young filmmakers with investors, leading production companies, and the formation of new trends in Russian cinema.
Anastasia Bezruk, producer of the Premonition International Film Festival, welcomed the participants before the start of Pitching. "I am glad that, despite all the difficulties of this year, the pitching still took place. Today, at the opening of the festival in Chelyabinsk, we will show the film of the winner of last year's pitching – Closed Doors. Another winning film, Ural Derby, is being prepared for release at one of the venues. I hope that next year at the opening of the film festival we will see the film of the winner of today's pitching. I wish you all good luck, it was interesting to examine your projects," Anastasia Bezruk said.
According to Executive Director of the Department of youth policy of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Dmitry Yakunin, about 50 applications were received for the Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants, 10 of them were selected. All projects were evaluated by experts, and the jury was chaired by the Director of documentary and feature films, Associate Professor of VGIK Svetlana Muzychenko.
Students of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture (CSIK) Anna Nikulina and Anna Krasavina presented the project Atlantis about the residents of the Rosa village, which is slowly "sliding" into the largest coal mine in Eurasia. Chelyabinsk resident Alexey Alajanyan presented the concept of a film about a 15-year-old skier who has lost his coach on the eve of his important competition. He offers to conduct the shooting in Zlatoust and admits that this story is personal for him - he himself was engaged in skiing. CSIK students Yulia Fedorova and Leonid Kashigin presented a project about three young people who have met at the cemetery, and this meeting was fatal for each of them. Pitching participants need from 350 to 500 thousand rubles to shoot their own films. Some of the participants submitted detailed cost estimates to the jury.
Experts asked young filmmakers questions about their projects and they had to prove to the jury that their ideas of films are new and explain what prompted them to create such projects.
Note that the results of the pitching will be announced at the opening ceremony of the III Premonition International Film Festival on the evening of September 18.
The total prize fund of pitching is 1.5 million rubles: 500,000 rubles from the Presidential Grants Fund and the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, 700,000 rubles from the Chelyabinsk City Administration. Winners can also receive a cash prize for partial or full implementation of the project – 300,000 (three hundred thousand) rubles from the Intersvyaz company.
We remind that applications for participation in the pitching in the category "Feature films" and "Documentaries" were accepted from debutants under the age of 35 . A new "Smart city" category was also announced. The selection of applications was completed on September 6.
For the first time, the Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants was held as a part of the Premonition International Film Festival in 2019. Its winners were the short-film Closed Doors (dir. Semyon Ryabukha) and the documentary Ural Derby (dir. Julia Sergina, Arseny Kaydatsky). The premiere of the film Closed Doors will take place at the opening of the III Premonition International Film Festival  on September 18.