Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants increased the prize fund and announced a new nomination

The organizers of the Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants and the III International film festival "Premonition" announced an additional nomination "Smart city" in the framework of the project competition, and also increased the total prize fund by 200 thousand rubles.

Works that will cover the topic of "Smart city", the use of future technologies in everyday life, information and communication technologies and the Internet of things, as well as the work of a person working in the IT industry, are accepted for consideration in the following categories:

- "Social advertising" - synopses / scenarios of a series of fiction and documentary advertising videos, one series (one video) with a timekeeping from 30 seconds to 1 minute, shot on the theme of "Smart city". There are no restrictions on the format and means of the film language. It can be a vertical video, a video adapted for social networks, or a video shot using screenlife technologies.

- "Documentaries" - synopses and director's explications / scenarios of documentaries on the topic of "Smart city" running up to 23 minutes.

Winners can receive a cash prize for partial or full implementation of the project – 300,000 (three hundred thousand) rubles from the company "Intersvyaz", as well as additional prizes: project production, technical support from the company "Intersvyaz", support in conducting filming and obtaining permits, providing the archive of the company "Intersvyaz", valuable prizes and much more.

The selection of applications begins from the moment of the pitching announcement and ends on September 6, 2020 (inclusive, at 23: 59 Moscow time).

Let us remind that the prize fund of the pitching is 1.2 million rubles, of which 500 thousand are allocated by the Presidential Grants Fund and 700 thousand by the Chelyabinsk City Administration.

You can download the rules of Chelyabinsk Pitching of Debutants here.